2022 in Pisticci.. rain all day…..

It doesn’t happen very often , but it has rained off and on all day.

Fluffy doesn’t seem to like this weather so has been jumping up at my door, clawing her way up the net curtain and peering in the window.

I had to let her in.

Making herself comfortable.

She’s more interested in being stroked than food.

I wasn’t very motivated today so I fixed a couple of paintings and discarded several more.

Didn’t do very much to this as it’s already sold.

And then I found this pretty horrible portrait of myself which I did from life a few years ago.

I always look grim in self portraits from life.

I didn’t think I’d improved it much until I compared it to the photo I took before I started.

I’d still like it to to be better, but it’s an improvement on the first version.

I’m wearing a jumper today for the first time since May.

I haven’t bought pellets yet for my stove. Last year I paid about €6 a bag. This year I will be lucky if I get any for €12.

It would be funny if I did actually take up plein air painting to save money. It’s often warmer outside than inside in winter. Or exercise , like walking for an hour every day would maybe help. Or sitting in a cafe making a coffee last for a while. None of these options are bad. In fact all of them would be good for me.

It’s the street market in Pisticci tomorrow. Going to a market always makes me feel like I am on holiday. Maybe I’ll see some item of clothing for €2 which will transform my life. I used to have a long black knitted coat which always made me feel like a poet . Sigh!!

I think I’ve saved 2 episodes of Shetland to watch tonight on youtube.

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷

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