2022 in Pisticci….cowbells, sunshine and visitors….

It was good to be back sleeping in my attic bedroom. It’s a nice place to chill during the day as well.

I’ve put the fans away now. The sheepskin is carefully positioned to be nice and soft to crawl over.

Having decided that I would start work next week I was in no hurry and enjoyed breakfast outside accompanied by the tinkling of cowbells.

Eggs and mayonnaise. Part of plan to become stronger. ( we’ll see!)
The cows were down in the valley behind the fuzzy plant.

It’s been very pleasantly warm today. Good clothes drying weather.

It brightened up after I took this photo.

I like the first day back after a trip when I just take my time and start to get organised and maybe make a few plans.

I fixed my ” travelling ” trousers. They are comfortable with a lovely stretchy waist and lots of pockets. They were a bit long so I’ve cut the cuffs off them and hemmed the bottoms and am fairly sure that they will now be the right length without needing to fold them over. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try them on and check.

While I was watering the flowers, which I had earlier weeded, a couple of ladies popped by and I gave them a short tour . That was nice.

Ten minutes later I heard someone else outside and it was another 3 ladies .

I like showing people around, so I did.

(It doesn’t happen every night.)

I feel really fortunate to be here and living this life for however long it lasts.

Now it’s wine time. James would have been 75 today.


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