2022 in Pisticci….wine and walking….

It was necessary to walk into town if I wanted to buy wine. And as my foot is still not right, I decided that I would buy enough wine to last me a month and then I could mostly stay home if I needed to. The supermarket is not very far and if I wasn’t fussy then I’m sure I could survive for several weeks on the food I have in the house.

However after walking into town and back this morning my foot doesn’t seem any worse. Maybe the insoles are actually helping.

I’ve stopped saying ” ouch” after every step. That’s an improvement.

I never tire of this little house.
Been wanting to photograph this plant for ages.

It’s been a lovely day again and I sat outside this morning reading my new ” actual ” book for ages. It’s not a “read in bed book” which would be mainly about the story, but a “read as a meal” which is more about the words .

Might not be able to sit outside for much longer so appreciating every day.

I had another strawberry. When I only have one I really taste it.


This afternoon I used my ” paintart” app to do this. I love using it .

I wish I painted more like this. I seem to be much more free on a screen

Have just noticed that the moon is reflected in the the window of my open door.


Wine time now. Think I’ll light the candle again. Along with the solar lights it feels good

Cheers 🍷🍷


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