2022 in Pisticci…what a very satisfactory  day……

It began with Sunday breakfast. Facon ( prosciutto) and eggs sitting outside in the sunshine. This morning I shared with Fluffy. It was the weekend after all ……


I thought that I had enough time before I went to the market with friends, to try painting one of my yogurt jars. I’m not entirely sure if they look better bare.

Not sure…… but I enjoyed painting on glass.

I had to wait until now to test them out. It only took me about 20 minutes to find more little candles. I had put them somewhere safe ..as usual .

The market was fun and I bought 4 pairs of jeans ( €2 each) . I had been looking for a replacement for my sentimental jeans which are now looking a bit rough …..and not in a good way.

Sunday lunch, ( same as Saturday, Monday and Tuesday ) was accompanied by a new episode of Landscape Artist of the Year and a small white magnum. Bliss! ( Apart from the fact that I think the judges picked the wrong winner again …I rarely agree with them )

After a small Sunday snooze and read. I’m enjoying Inspector Bordelli……

I thought that I’d check on youtube for the easiest way to adjust jeans at the waist. And I found a great video by someone called Allegria Jimenez. Only 5 minutes long.

Basically I had to cut a little hole in the inside of the waistband and slide elastic round the waist on the end of a safety pin. Then sew it at either end. It worked much better than I thought it would .

Now I have 2 pairs of respectable jeans with adjusted waists, one pair that I can wear at home and won’t care if they get paint on them, and a very nice pair of button up more trendy ones that I can wear for good.

It’s been a good organising weekend and now I need to get back to work tomorrow.

Cheers 🍷🍷

( and someone likes my latest digital painting , which makes me very happy.)


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