2022 in Pisticci…I must have done something today……

I like when I have a painting to show for my day. Even when it has only taken me an hour or two to complete. But I didn’t do any painting today.

I have put out all my winter clothes in drawers and the wardrobe and stuffed all my summer clothes away in baskets, cases and wherever there was a space. It involved a lot of climbing up and down my ladder 

I made four days lunch es with chickpeas, veg and passata.

And made peanut butter…..

Fluffy slept for nearly two hours upstairs on my sheepskin rug.

After checking that there will be a  Christmas  Market I’ve ordered 14 new smaller canvases, and chosen, then printed 14 photos to paint from.

My next commission is on a lampshade  and Now I am all prepared  to begin work.

I walked all the way to the chinese shop and bought 2 gas lighters and some cheap acrylic paint which I intend to use on glass.

On way to shop
On way back

I’ve a plan to make decorated candle jars out of yogurt containers. Thereby meaning I can buy more of the yogurt I really like.

Now it’s nearly dark and I should set up my solar lights. Tomorrow  I should be going to the market.

I think there is a new episode of ” Have I got news for you” on youtube and another episode of Landscape Artist of the Year. Hurray!


Pretty sky.

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