2022 in Pisticci….sun shine again…..

What a difference the sunshine makes .

Today it was so much lighter inside. Its now 5.30pm and I’ve been painting drawing and reading today and havent switched a light on so far.

This morning

It’s been another nice satisfactory day, and who can ask for more.

I remembered to do 5 salutes to the sun (yoga) this morning and I did another 8 minute video with the stretchy band later on.

Walking to the pizzeria should help with steps as I managed 53 yesterday according to my phone!

My lampshade commission is now varnished and in a plastic bag all ready to get collected.

I drew and prepared another canvas which was part of my series of 50 which I miscounted ….. I have another 4 to do …..which will make 56 altogether.

This is a repeat .

Then I remembered that there was a landscape painting which I had considered fixing as it didn’t look so good beside my new ones.

It’s fixed now and am very pleased with it.

View from the end of my street.

After that I found the corresponding photos of the remaining 2 paintings of the 50 series which I couldn’t find previously. Tomorrow’s work, I think, to get them prepared.

I saw an article on how mouthwash could kill covid in your mouth. That is a rough approximation of what it said. Having bought mouthwash, I suddenly thought, “What if it’s only certain mouthwashes? Phew!! Luckily the particular ingredient is in this particular mouth wash. ( I sort of bought 6 bottles as they were on special offer …..I really ought to be more careful.)

Now I need to go and bring my solar lights inside. I’m looking at light in a different way as I try to work out the best way to use them.

Think I’ll have a glass of wine now.

Am planning to wear one of my ” new ” pairs of jeans tonight .

Cheers 🍷🍷

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