2022 in Pisticci…what did I do today? I spoke……

I remember  waking up later than usual because I had tried out my electric  blanket to see if it still worked . It obviously does.

Then Fluffy came for a visit. 

Fluffy has been in and out all day. My new screen stretcher attachment is no  trouble to her.

I had to go and pick up some pills from the farmacia . It was good to be out. All this staying home to give my foot a chance to heal is sensible , but I miss all the spontaneous  conversations that happen when I’m wandering around . It was good to chat to old friends , clients and others.

I hadn’t been long home when there was a knock on the door and now I’m painting the same scene for 2  different people this week. One is due tomorrow.

I have them both drawn and one is about half done now.

Later on I had a surprising conversation  on the phone.  Surprising as it was in Italian and I think we understood  each other.

I’ve been thinking that particularly since covid my Italian  has become worse than before. Partly down to not going out and also because of wearing a mask. Being quietly spoken is not good when talking through a mask. So I just don’t talk. 

I like speaking Italian. Even though I’m not very fluent. Given a chance I’ll have a go at most subjects. I’m lost in groups though as it seems everyone talks at the same time.

However maybe I shouldn’t give up just yet. I know where the book of verbs is…….

I looked out earlier as I smelled smoke. 

I think it was just someone’s bonfire.
Now it’s all nicely pink.

It must be dark now as my solar lights have come on inside. I hung them up about 5.30pm. It’s nearly 6.30pm now.

I’ll light the candles soon.

Finally it’s wine time followed by an early night. I have a painting to finish by 5pm tomorrow……….


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