2022 in Pisticci…a whole lot of swearing going on……

But nobody heard me so am sure it doesn’t  count!

Anyways I thought I was justified. I think in fact that I thought that swearing would make me stronger…….

I  had a new wooden stretcher to make with wood that is really too thick for me to saw easily. But apart from not wasting 3ms of wood   it’s for the third panel of a set and the other 2 panels are made using this wood.

I think my saw is a bit blunt. It was continually sticking.

It was very hard work and I remembered that I forgot to do my muscle building exercises with the elastic bands.

I tried singing in a rhythmic sort of fashion as I sawed …..dum dum dum di dum , di dum  etc. I think I believed that it would make my arm work better.

I found 2 nails and hammered  the plastic thing with angles to the top of the table. It was skidding about. That helped a bit, but the table still moved.

However after much labour and mental energy I had 4 pieces of wood cut to the correct size.

There was a minor blip when trying to open the wood glue , but with the help of my trusty Stanley knife I got it open. Luckily the stapler was in a co-operative  mood and in fact I made my best canvas corners ever.

Swearing break.

In the middle of all this I went shopping with friends and bought lots of heavy foodstuffs so that walking back from the supermarket  doesn’t feel like weightlifting. 

After lunch when I was a bit tired I fiddled around with the controls of my electric blanket so now I can use it if I need to. According to Google combined with my maths I could have my electric  blanket on for 6 hours a night for about €7 a month. That’s less than 5 litres  of wine, a pizza at the Pizzeria, half a bag of pellets…etc.

The police confiscated a whole lot of ” fake” pellets today somewhere in the north of Basilicata. Still haven’t bought any. How , apart from suspiciously low price , could you tell a fake pellet from a real one??

Now my canvas has the design drawn on it and the first of my small commissions is ready to paint.

I emptied  several flower pots full of earth, but no plants  into some of my most desperate plants. That might make them feel better.

And now it’s  wine time after another busy sunny day. Feeling very fortunate even if I do have to hop a bit.


Making plans for the week this morning.


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