2022 in Pisticci…memories and a lot of painting…..

It’s 5 years since James had the scooter accident that led to his death. I still get a chill when I see the yellow hospital helicopter which took him to Potenza.

I had been preparing the wall at the back of my other house before cementing and painting it and had asked him to come and have a look to see if I was doing it okay. Then he was going to come back for a glass of wine later on in the day.

I was feeling very pleased with myself as a ” builder” .

James took this photo.

But by mid afternoon he was in a coma in hospital and I was on my way to the hospital….

He reckoned I wouldn’t manage more than 2 years here on my own.

Anyways after 5 years I’m still here …..for now. I try not to take anything for granted and enjoy every day.

And today was the usual mix of sunshine and work with a bit of Fluffy passing by.

I’ve been enjoying sitting outside every morning and now I face the valley and my nice tree. I’m still grateful to David Hockney for making me really look at things. Every morning I see something different.

A little bit of sunshine.

Then I had to get on with my latest commission which was to be ready for 5pm.

It was done by 3.30.

Might have had something to do with the coffee with ginseng which I bought as a treat.

Very ,very nice

In the meantime I thought I had stopped Fluffy coming in and out unless I wanted her.


But by lunch time she was strolling past me on her way to the cat food.

As I had got my 2 big display easels back, finally, I spent some time rearranging paintings on them .

I decided to fix this one which I did in a day some years ago. I wanted to see how a whole lot of patterns would look together.

Still got these trousers. And that wall hanging is a rug now.

I found an old painting of James which was started from life.

I liked it , but no one else did.

Now my latest painting is gone and I have another commission.

Definitely wine time now.


James on his 70th birthday 5 years ago.

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