2022 in Pisticci….more of the same……

Literally…..as in today I spent most of the day painting a very similar painting to the one I painted yesterday.

It’s not quite finished yet . Another 2 hours tomorrow morning and it should be done. It just needs the plants and a few small details, plus the edges painted.

Probably  more than I think needing done.

I’ve just been to look at the pile of 14 smaller ( 20x30cms) canvases all ready to paint …..and there is another version of the same scene. 😀

I haven’t even started them yet.

This weekend I should probably start the decorative panel due for the end of the month.

And I could have another commissioned local scene to do .

It’s nice to be busy .

And with enough food and wine to last for weeks I can just stay home and let my foot heal.

Last night a cupboard door fell on my head. One of the glass doors on the dresser. It was open. I had bent down to replace the olive oil bottle on  the floor and as I stood up I knocked the door clean off its hinges and it landed on my head as it fell. Luckily not the glass or that could have been messy. I was more surprised and offended than hurt.

It’s been another lovely day.

My plan not to use any heating till November is looking like a possibility  as the forecast is for temperatures  in the 20s for the next few weeks.

I haven’t had time to take up plein air painting yet. I could do it with my tablet….but I generally feel I need to create something I can sell…..Will need to have a think about that…..

In the meantime it’s a lovely evening again.

My solar lights have just gone on so it must be getting dark.

Time for wine.


Looking out over the valley.

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