2022 in Pisticci…better write all this down…..

This week has been a good week for getting commissions. Possibly I could count how many and how much I would earn, ( without costs) , but I haven’t really counted money and stuff since about 40 years ago when I attempted to budget and discovered that we didn’t  have enough monthly money to pay the bills etc.

I’m not totally haphazard. I have a rough idea how much money  I need yearly to survive and I did sell my other house when things got a bit scary.

I think I must be a bit superstitious and it all feels like ” counting your chickens before they’ve hatched. ”

But , I do think I’d notice if I got rich. On the other hand I’d probably just get an enormous bill the very next week. I’ve noticed over the years that tends to happen.

Still , it’s a good feeling to have people asking me to paint for them.

It’s a really good feeling.

Was interrupted there by a strange noise coming from the next room. It was Fluffy trying to get into the cat food bag. Unless I shut the door she manages to get in.

Earlier I was upstairs reading after finishing my latest painting when I heard a sort of watery noise. I listened , wondering if there was some kind of leak.

Then I saw this….

Fluffy in the sink…drinking out of a bowl left soaking .

That’s my latest commission finished and gone, and now I have 2 more.

Is slightly different from the previous one. Less foreground.

I am invited for coffee on Saturday and Sunday this weekend so am feeling very sociable.

Now I need to find something interesting to watch on youtube.

And drink wine …….


I found this photo on facebook memories. It was one of the first fake fireplaces I painted. I think it looks a bit flintstoneish , but it was cheerful.

I almost felt warm just looking at it.

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