2022 in Pisticci…slightly silly Saturday…..

I had this idea yesterday after seeing a photo of my painted fireplace, which is now a painted dresser.

My plan is to not use my pellet stove until at least November. However I remembered how cheering it was to look at a nice blazing fire so I cut a bit of canvas to fit the glass door, painted it accordingly and stuck it on with rolled up masking tape. It took me about 20 minutes and I used left over canvas.

And now it’s making me smile.

Fooled Fluffy???

Other than that I painted a small yogurt jar candle holder. Am not convinced that it was worth it.

Was trying to paint flames.

I’d no energy for commissions today. There’s no point in forcing myself to work when I am this tired. And it’s the weekend.

Earlier I went out to meet someone for coffee. It felt good to be out and chatting to people.

And taking photos.

There are cows at the top of this photo. There was a lot of noise and cowbells ringing.
Still some mist left in the valley
Some cool shadows and the chiesa madre.
Just a normal day in the piazza.

As a nice end to my day I spotted some people in my street and enjoyed showing them around my house. Being a minor tourist attraction is fun. And I get to meet lots of lovely people.

Now time for wine and an episode of ” Have I got news for you.”

While enjoying my 🔥 .


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