2022 in Pisticci….out  for coffee again…..

It was very nice to go uptown today. I rarely go into town on my own on a Sunday as I imagine that there are lots of families and friends all doing a passegiata together and I would look and feel a bit odd on my own .

But it was okay today as I was meeting a friend for a coffee.

I forgot to take any photos as I was concentrating on pretending that my foot wasn’t hurting.

It was a very nice day again and handwashing I hung out this morning was 95% dry when  brought it in.

After reading about the lack of power in Ukraine due to the Russians bombing electricity  stations etc, I am happy to be mainly using solar light for now. In the winter if it’s dark during the day then I’ll use my brightest good light for work, but mornings and evenings are fine with free lighting.

I enjoyed the final of ” Landscape Artist of the Year” at lunch time. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the portrait equivalent during the week.

Sunday afternoons are good for preparing work for the week ahead. So I have photos printed out and can start drawing tomorrow.

And I made this week’s diary.

Doing it once a week is cheaper for printing and just as satisfying.

Fluffy has been in and out all day . She was asleep upstairs for a while this afternoon.

Making herself comfortable.

It occurred to me that I could stick my painted fire canvas inside the pellet stove . It looks good.

Makes me laugh…..and I’m quite impressed by how real it looks. Except when it’s dark🤔

It’s nearly dark now as my free lights have just turned on.


Now it’s wine time and Nickipositano on Youtube.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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