2022 in Pisticci….fish fingers at 2am….or, there goes the yellow helicopter…..

I don’t suppose there is a rule whereby a post can’t have 2 completely unrelated titles. 

It’s been a strange muddledy day.

There were fish fingers being cooked in the microwave at 2am. I rashly bought some cheaply in the big supermarket  and then discovered that they would cook in two and a half minutes in the microwave. My self control is usually turned off about midnight and after that thoughts of  fish fingers, trifle, ice cream, cheese sandwiches,  Christmas pudding etc fill my unsleeping mind. Luckily I only have fish fingers.

Tonight I’m boiling my dish towels in a pot on the stove . As I’m  not going to the market tomorrow  I thought that maybe I should try again to get my current dishtowels clean. I’ll see if it’s worked tomorrow. I used a mixture of bleach sink cleaner and detergent for the washing machine. They can’t get any worse unless they disintegrate.

Just checked…there are still only two of them .

The yellow helicopter followed the unusual sound of an ambulance in Pisticci . Somebody is in bad trouble.  The helicopter landed in the car park near the tennis court and then headed off again almost immediately.( James was taken to Potenza in it 5 years ago.) Hope whoever is in it this time has a better outcome.  

Due to several disturbed night’s sleep I was a bit slow getting on with work today.

It didn’t help that I spent ages looking for the original photos to help with the latest 2 commissions. 

This is not exactly the view ,but the closest I could get to it.
I think that this will be the 4th time that I’ve painted from this photo.
Work in progress.
This is due to be finished by the end of the month. It’s too tall to fit my easel.

In between all this I found time to staple a piece of net curtain on to the wooden stretcher I’ve been using to unsuccessfully  keep Fluffy out.

Will see if this works.

And I enjoyed an episode of “Portrait Artist of the Year” at lunch time.

Now I’m waiting for someone to collect a commission and leave me the next thing to do.

But I think I’ll have a glass of wine anyways . …


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