2022 in Pisticci….Fluffy likes my fake fire……

Been busy checking out Facebook ,Instagram and twitter incase anything has happened that I should know about. Nothing has.

I looked up and there was Fluffy again.

She must have slipped inside when I wasn’t looking.

My new net curtain gate affair was broached at lunch time. She just kept trying and finally pushed her way inside.

I don’t mind her being inside. I just want to chose when.

I sat outside this morning from about 6am. It’s still not too cold.

I was going to start work at 8am, but instead I printed out my boarding passes for my next trip as well as my train ticket and booked the airport bus. I’m glad my magic printer still works. The evil one works up to a point. Between the 2 of them they make one reasonable printer.

I could use more energy.

But I seem to have achieved more or less what I wanted done today.

This is coming along.

My 2 latest commissions are ready to paint now after an undercoat and glaze.

And I’ve been enjoying the latest Marion Chesney audiobook.

Now I want to find something interesting on youtube other than how to make bread using candles.

Cheers, ( yawn….must find more energy)


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