2022 in Pisticci…and still the sun shines……

For me this weather has been lovely. I get up, open my door around 7am and it’s still open now at 5pm. I haven’t even considered turning on any heating.

Though I have got “hot dog” on my knee. I was looking for something else in the tool and miscellaneous cupboard and found the plug.

Still cosy after an hour. Warm and very strokeable.

It seemed wrong to waste the heat.

I used to sit painting with it on my knee. It’s almost impossible not to stroke it and smile. ( €5 at a market about 3 years ago. )

I think my sore foot is maybe getting a little better….thank goodness.

Walking to Bar Pisticci and back again hardly hurt at all.

I even made a slight detour to take some photos.

Is rare to get this view without cars.
This needs to be a painting.
The light was just perfect this morning.

Other than out for coffee I haven’t done much today.

Not being able to sleep hardly at all last night didn’t help.

It was made worse by it being 2am twice!! An extra hour of not sleeping.

Was too hot- I found a little fan and turned it on, then it was too cold so switched on the electric blanket, microwaved the last 2 fish fingers, made various plans for more work, exercise, social life, got up walked around, read a Miss Read book to relax. Discovered Pinterest and made a plan to decorate my jeans. Nothing worked. I could have taken a melatonin gummy bear….but they tend to make me sleepy all the next day .

However it could have been worse.

I watched the final part of Landscape Artist of the Year at lunch time and enjoyed it very much.

Then I cooked a bag of chickpeas and have 4 bags ready to use in the freezer as well as lunches for 4 days in the fridge.

I’ve told myself that sometime in the future I’ll bother more about cooking. That time hasn’t arrived yet.

But wine time has …….

Cheers 🍷🍷

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