2022 in Pisticci….Christmas Socks……

One of my plans to increase my income is to add more images to Redbubble. It’s free to download images. All it takes is a little time and my new tablet is much better than my phone….too small , have to keep enlarging things…..or my laptop …too tricky to maneuver and screen hurts my eyes after a while. So just for a change I am in time for Christmas with my Christmas socks and loads of other objects from tee-shirts, hats, clocks, phone covers, throws ,cushions and many more.

Christmas leggings??
And the socks

As I’m having another “new start” I was very pleased to remember Redbubble.

I also did my new yoga exercises.

I’m still writing my ” not the war diary “. ( part 92 today)

And I watched a video on using “Blurb” to make a book. My next job is to prepare photos by increasing the pixels….or something like that.

The rest of today I’ve spent painting 3 tiny faces the size of my thumb nail. That is about 5 hours work and they are not quite done.

It was fun though. And I have a big magnifying glass which helps.

And another Marion Chesney audiobook which keeps me entertained.

It’s been sunny again all day.

Getting dark now.

Inside now ……

More candles tonight.

Winetime now. Been a nice day.

Merry Christmas … oops, Cheers 🍷🍷

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