2022 in Pisticci….little things make me happy…..

And today there were so many little things.

It all started after I’d sat outside for coffee and breakfast and considered trying to see something new in the tree every day. Today it could have been the sparkly yellow lights on some of the leaves. I’ve come to the conclusion ( only after most other people already knew this,) that spending time outside just thinking and looking every morning is as good for me as yoga .

Next , it was washing day. Everyone in the street had washing hanging out this morning.

My clothes were mostly black and grey so are almost invisible.

After having made my lace wall yesterday I wanted to fix my “new” bedroom today. It feels like a different space. 

I thought that a bookcase on the empty wall near the stairs would  make the space look more friendly.

But , I couldn’t find anything to make a bookcase out of. So I decided that I would move my nice old chest over to that wall and make a bedside table where it had been.

I bought this nice old chest at an antiques market years ago for about €10.
Now the wall looks friendlier

Next I found 2 cardboard boxes and a wooden shelf that I had taken out of a cupboard.

Exactly the right size. Hurray!
Found a throw in my fabric cupboard exactly the right size and more importantly the right colour. Hurray (2)

While I was in the fabric cupboard I found all sorts of nice things I’d forgotten about.

Like a cotton bag to put my spare duvet in, 2 net curtains which will do for the door next year after fluffy has climbed up the present one and shredded it, 2 cushion covers , 2 old, but use able jumpers which were stuffed in 2 other cushion covers , some material I can make into dish towels and an actual dish towel and finally various pieces of lace and net. . ( multiple Hurrays!)

I filled the cushion covers with fleecy pyjamas and 2 fleeces which I can use as extra bedding.

Got the idea to use cushion covers as storage from ” van life” videos.

I was on a roll.

I’ve been fed up with the material tacked across under the sink. So now the cat keeper outer frame has been converted into a sort of cover/ door.

Looks much better than before. (Hurray)

That left me without a cat keeper outer. So I made a frame out of some very thin stretcher wood which I had left over. My measurements were not so good …or the door warped during the 20 minutes it took me to saw and staple it. However I covered it with some netting with animals on it and it looks perfect…..lost count of Hurrays at this point. I hope Fluffy appreciates it.


There was time to finish all but the bottom of the big flowery panel I’ve been working on. ( Hurray!!)

The sun has shone all day and my door is still open.

Time for wine. ( Hurray….)


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