2022 in Pisticci….working on a portrait…….

I was just a bit bored today.

I keep reading about or watching artists enthusiastically painting all sorts of subjects.

Sometimes I find something special to concentrate on in a painting , but portraits need, I think, to look like the person I’m painting. So there is a whole lot of detail and getting everything just right.

I watch programmes like Portrait artist of the year and I almost always like the loosely painted ones.

However after watching one such episode at lunch time I got back to work with a bit more enthusiasm and now the painting is looking good…..and closely resembling the person.

I remembered to put some more images on Redbubble .

I only need twice as much energy so that I can make some new designs , before I run out of current images…….

But first the portrait needs done, followed by 2 lampshades.

Now hotdoggio and me will keep warm while I have a glass of wine.


And hopefully I’ll not have another horrible dream tonight, like last night, which I can still clearly picture in my mind. Have no idea what was going on for my mind to come up with such a bizarre and gruesome image.

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