2022 in Pisticci…. a very nice day…..

It’s my second day of working on a new portrait of a couple.

Diversification doesn’t seem to work for me. So I started work about 8am and forgot about plans to put images on fineartamerica, download photos to shutterstock, learn how to make a book on blurb or fill in a complicated form I should have done.

By 9am I was a bit bored/ tired/ scared so I had a short read.

Then I had a phone call and suddenly I was wide awake rushing around tidying this and that and the next thing.

I didn’t think when I first went online more, that one of the pleasant extras would be meeting new people from all over the world. In person.

It was a real treat for me , and made my morning.

Also thanks to my visitors my work diary is going to get more colourful.

A lovely selection of felt pens.

It was another lovely sunny day.

Great shadows
Door open again.

At lunch time I found a new series of portrait artist of the year which I hadn’t seen.

I was so inspired that I got back to painting and spent all afternoon working happily on arms and hands with a flowery dress for a bit of light relief. What a difference confidence makes.

Now I’m sitting with “hotdoggio” on my knee, solar lights on, candles lit and still no heating.

This is definitely the latest I’ve ever gone without, but it’s just not that cold.

Tomorrow I’m going to to the market with the €2 stall and I want to buy a “hot cat” so that when friends come round for a glass of wine in the evening they are never cold.

Looking forward to using my new felt pens . I found a nice old jug to put them in and might well find something else to do with them as well as writing in my diary………


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