2022 in Pisticci….misty morning and more painting…

It was a beautiful start to the day after rain overnight.

I still can’t quite believe that the rain stays outside thanks to my new roof.

Before that ,when it rained heavily I would have buckets and containers scattered around the house collecting the drips. I still have my yogurt tub water diverter stuck near a rafter to direct water away from my electric mains switch. It worked very well.

One of the worst times I remember was when I was sitting at my table under an umbrella.

This morning.

Have just rushed outside after seeing that the sky was quite pink.

Best sunset in ages…..I usually miss them.

It was warmer again today so I sat beside the open door painting this morning.

Just around the corner from my house

This was quite tricky and I had to invent a few shadows and colours , but I wanted to paint it as I’ve never done it before.

After lunch I started a new one.

Work in progress.

I’ve painted this scene several times before because I like it and my other house was in it.

Still making progress at snails pace with the complicated form. Will be back on google again tomorrow I think.

The water has been off since 11am and won’t be on till 7am. And then it’ll be off again tomorrow at 11am. The big pipe called “Frida” is being bad again. There is probably a very sensible reason for calling a water pipe Frida , but I think it’s funny.

I found another episode of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year on youtube. Nice lunch time treat.

Now it’s wine time with wine from the box with the cute little tap.


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