2022 in Pisticci…washing,shopping chatting and a little bit painting…..

I had to be a little bit organised with washing today as the water was due to go off again at 11am.

It turned into a great day for drying. Windy and sunny.

Great shadows.
Cute creepy crawly.

The wind has strengthened tonight and I’ve been out to tie my net curtain in a knot. One time I didn’t and it got twisted around my wifi thing which is so high up that I had to get someone’s  help with a big ladder to disentangle it.

Chatting seems to warm me up. An hour on the phone this morning and I was quite warm.

I’m getting a bit fed up with these small local scenes.

I think the canvas boards I bought are not a great surface to paint on and I’ve run out of tiny brushes to paint details. It’s difficult to buy tiny brushes without seeing them. So that’s  one thing I want to do when I’m in Scotland next week. There is a good art shop where I can look at some.

Not happy with this. Will need to fix it tomorrow. 

As it’s supposed to rain most of the weekend I went shopping . It was good to go for a walk.

Don’t know what was happening here. Decided to go another way.
Nice little corner.
Great colours with the sun shining on them.

It’s not a good idea to try to sandpaper dried on paint off a jumper. Planning to use some interesting patches to cover up the paint and holes now.

I found some great material for patching so might give my sentimental jeans another boost.

Now it’s wine time again. And the weekend.


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