2022 in Pisticci.. patching and painting…..

It seemed to be colder inside today and after lunch I thought I’d see how warm it was outside.

Much warmer!!!

So I took my sewing kit and various pieces of cloth which I couldn’t quite throw out….just incase…….

My sentimental jeans.
Ready to start work.

It took about an hour and a half to put three patches on my jeans. ( very imperfectly sewed.) But I’m very happy with the result. Maybe I’ll add some more another day.

I put a plastic plate inside them so that I didn’t sew the legs together. It has happened.

It was really pleasant sitting outside.

In the morning I worked some more on the latest local scene and I like it more now. All 6 are now glazed and ready for the Christmas market. ( No word of when it is yet.) Only another 8 to paint.

More or less okay.

Am thinking of lighting the pellet stove tonight. (Assuming it works still.) Friends are dropping in for a glass of wine and I don’t want them to freeze. It’s also feeling a bit damp inside.

Damp is a problem here, closely followed by mould.

Maybe I should do it for the house’s sake. Last year there was no mould, my clothes didn’t feel damp when I put them on and the air felt nicer.

So wine time is a little postponed tonight.

Oh dear….looks like it will be freezing friends as stove beeping at me and nothing else.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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