2022 in Pisticci….lots of candles.

Tonight I’m using my lovely candle holder I bought in Sweden several years ago. Because it uses 3 candles I haven’t used it much chosing to use a wine bottle with one candle in it instead. However it’s raining, been dull all day so my solar lights aren’t working and as I’m not planning to buy more pellets then maybe I’ll buy candles and enjoy them.

My solar light worked briefly.

It’s been an interesting Sunday.

Lots of little things to do.

Cooked more chickpeas (ceci) and made lunch for 3 days.

Checked to see when I need to go fill in the next form at the commune saying that I haven’t a TV.

After several futile attempts to turn on my stove, plus looking at Google to see if anyone had the same problem, ( they didn’t) I contacted a possible stove engineer and got an answer. So I’ll see to that after my visit to Scotland.

Then , having considered drawing on my next lampshade with a pen I decided to wait until I could buy some more small brushes in Scotland . The client is happy with that.

So there was no reason why I shouldn’t get to work on another local scene.

Work in progress.

In between all that I found time to download a selection of portraits and put them in an album on my phone. I seem to have painted a lot of children. My favourites are not necessarily the ones I did as commissions.

I enjoyed using linen board
Such a very striking face.
Love this. It’s so casual .
Digital portrait
Used water based oils for this.

There are lots more. These are older ones mostly.

I found another Portrait Artist of the Year on youtube . I wonder if I would paint different portraits if I had more money/ time/ energy/ confidence.

It looks like I have another biggish commission for December. Hurray!

Now for wine time.


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