2022 in Pisticci/Perth….mostly about food….

I begun today with raspberry trifle for breakfast…….

Oh yummm!

After that I ate a banana and found some very nice fruit juice in the fridge.

I might be sounding a little like ” The Very Hungry Caterpiller”

Then I found a box of Maltesers in my drawer.

No thick socks so wearing a jumper on my feet.

The Maltesers were a big disappointment as they turned out to be about 3 months out of date and tasted like it.

Soon it was lunch time and sweet potato and vegetable soup made by Katy. Delicious. Especially with broken up bits of buttered roll dunked in it.

Have been working my way through a bag of Werther’s Originals which taste nicer than cough lozenges.

It’ll soon be teatime…… I wonder if I could have chips, tomato sauce and cocktail sausages……..

It’s been a good day for comfort food.

This morning
This evening

Am not sure if I feel like wine tonight…..definitely not quite back to normal, but feeling much better. Probably trifle is good for me.


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