2022 in Pisticci/Perth……progress…..

I’m concerned that I might be a hypochondriac….or maybe just don’t cope well with being ill.

However today I started thinking about when I go home and contacted a client to say I was delayed.

I’ve got 3 days now before I set off again at 3.45am and then travel until 8pm.

When feeling fine it’s merely  tiring and a bit boring.

It’s all feeling a bit ” looming ” at the minute.

Today has been another day of lying about, chatting to Katy, watching Portrait  Artist of the Year  and eating whatever appeals to me.

I never imagined I’d like tiny cocktail sausages.

The last hour or so I’ve spent watching Katy get ready to go out

Who would have thought that there are magnetic false eyelashes!

I tried  to take an artistic photo of Katy’s  reflection in the window as she curled her hair.

Almost worked.

Katy is off out looking very glamorous. 

I’ve retired to my little ” apartment” with a glass of wine.

Tonight I’m enjoying it. Must be getting better.


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