2022 in Pisticci/Perth…….weather mostly…..

There has certainly been a mixture today.

It looked lovely this morning…..

I remembered the last trifle in the fridge so breakfast was sorted.

Comfort food.

By the time I’d finished that it was raining again.

Don’t think this decking has been dry since I’ve been here.

Today was going to include decorating the Christmas tree , but that’s been postponed to Monday ( or Sunday part B.) , while we considered some interior decoration.

There is a large space beside the stair needing something. I did offer to paint a mural with a window showing a view of the hills in the distance, but I was joking. My style of interior decoration wouldn’t fit here.

Some possible patterns.

It’s been fun and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the bathroom hasn’t had a makeover as well when I return in February.

I’m lying on the bed writing this and I was enjoying watching the sky. Earlier the moon popped out.

Quickly covered by clouds.
More weather earlier.

I can hear Katy coming with the measuring tape so I’d better go…….

Cheers🍷🍷( Pringles tonight….yummm!)

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