2022 in Pisticci/Perth…..how did that happen……

Last night I didn’t sleep much. Then I was up at 3am.

I was so well organised .

The taxi arrived on time and I enjoyed the journey to the airport.  That’s the third taxi driver who’s been to Italy so we had lots to chat about.

Going straight to departures through the check in I was really pleased that my ticket on my phone worked perfectly. It was the first time I had gone without paper tickets.

I had time to buy some sandwiches and water before heading to the gate for the plane to Rome.

My cold wasn’t gone and I felt a little on edge but nothing to worry about.

Then I stood in the queue  where all of a sudden I got hotter and hotter. By the time I reached the desk I was worried about falling over.

Anyways I thought it would be cooler  around the corner. It wasnt ,and by then I thought that I’d better sit down. I felt like an idiot sitting on the floor .

And it didn’t get better.

20minutes later I retrieved my passport from the guy at the desk who had told me where the nearest toilet was.

It seems ridiculous looking back, but I didn’t know what to do. I might have been able to make my way onto the plane, though I doubt it. But then 3 hours feeling weird…(or not – maybe I would have recovered quickly….)was a  scary thought.

After that I would have got off the plane in Rome facing a bus trip to the station plus 6 hours on a train .

So I sat down and watched people rush by for about half an hour before making my way out of the airport.

My son in law picked me up and I was home in Perth about the same time I should have been landing in Rome.

I think it was just an unfortunate combination of circumstances today , but before I make another attempt I’m going to find an easier journey and no more middle of the night starts.

It’s dark now but I took this photo about an hour ago.

Pretty evening.

I thought that I’d have lots of travel photos today and plenty to write about. Huh!!!

Hopefully it will be 3d time lucky.


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