2023 in Pisticci…a surprise visit…..

I had heard the noise of little bells when I was stroking Fluffy and then putting her outside.

I thought someone must be having a children’s party or something.

Then there was a lot of knocking and laughing at my door and voices calling , “Anna”.

It was the “Befane” calling with a small gift for me.

I know some of them.

I’m still smiling . It feels good to belong.

Today I mostly drew a scale version of a plan for the mural. ( scale being hopefully relatively accurate )

It took me about 4 hours as I want to use it to draw from. I resisted going over it in ink ,as if I need to change anything I can rub out the pencil drawing. I think it looks great….because I like chocolatey box scenes. I’ve even made a little walk up some steps and through some arches just for fun. I think I would like it on my wall.

I posted the 8th painting on facebook.

This is a large painting of my room done during lockdown. I was proud of myself for adding the chandelier last. It made it more 3 dimensional. I thought it would be really difficult to paint.

I think it’s been a nice day outside, but I was busy inside.

About 4.30pm

Now it’s the weekend and I have a little bag of sweets from the Befane to eat.

And wine to drink.


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