2023 in Pisticci….trying to design a mural……

Firstly it requires a lot of procrastination. Or internal planning where I tell myself, “Of course you can do this. Just begin by sketching the area you need to fill.”

So I find a large piece of paper and carefully measure out a sort of scale model . Bearing in mind that measuring and arithmetic are not really my thing.

The big drawing is far too nice to plan on so I go and get some scrap paper and carefully draw an arch shape vaguely similar to the big one on good paper.

I have several photos and some other objects which need to go into the scene.

I go and get a medicinal small glass of hot wine.

Then I start to draw and to my surprise I end up with something which might work.

It looks quite nice and includes all the different things which were wanted.

Breathing a sigh of relief I stop for today. Now that I’ve begun and know I can do it, then tomorrow ,I’ll start to draw it again on the good paper. That might be fun. I’ll colour it with crayons and maybe some watercolour. Then it’ll be time to check in with the client.

I’ve pretty much finished the portrait that I was working on.

I posted the next painting on facebook in the series of 10. I think this is number 7.

I did a series of small square paintings from life when I was staying in a friend’s house. They are all sold outside of Italy.

I’m now left trying to decide which 3 paintings to post next.

It’s been another nice day and apart from collecting a parcel from the delivery man I haven’t been outside all day.

Went outside to take a photo.

It’s nearly dark now and looks like it might be a full moon.

I should go out more.

But I am cosy now with hotdoggio on my knee . (Next week I will be going out every day. )

Cheers 🍷🍷

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