2023 in Pisticci….a walk to the supermarket….

As my mural plan is done and portrait finished I didn’t have a plan for today.

So I decided to go to the supermarket and buy a bar of chocolate. Not the high cocoa ,good for you stuff, ( I have plenty of that.) but Lindt milk chocolate which is delicious, unnecessary and expensive.

Also I needed to go out to cheer myself up. ( am now wondering if , based on the theory that I only have a certain amount of energy, that too much of it is getting used up keeping the cold at bay. ……pitiful really as it is not cold here compared to lots of places but I’ve always felt cold, even when I was young.) Going out for a walk is another way of keeping warm and seeing people is nice too. Last year when I had lots of sacks of pellets and my stove worked ,then the cold was not an issue at all . I’m glad I enjoyed it.

Anyways enough moaning about the cold .

It was a lovely sunny morning again when I set off. (It’s ironic that I need to wear a hat inside, but not always outside. )

Back to walking to the supermarket………

This is about 100mts from my house and sometimes film shows or events are held here. The street is filled with rows of chairs. It’s a lovely setting at night.
I painted this street last week
I actually chose to go up these steps
Very Pisticcese.
More steps

After climbing all the steps I was up by the horrible new staircase to the Chiesa Madre. And the newly restored area.

Carefully ommiting horrible staircase.
Liked this collection of shapes
Left, goes up to the church and right leads to town
I’ve painted these steps several times

I managed to only buy chocolate in the supermarket and was so pleased with myself that I went to the ” meet market” and bought a triangular ruler thing, 4 roles of masking tape and a longer measuring tape…..supposedly to use while painting the mural.

Then there were more steps.

And after these ,a steep hill.

I was nice and warm when I got back .

During the rest of today I found some mural reference photos on Pinterest, read a bit and started a small local scene.

I like the colours so far.

I posted the 9th painting on facebook.

I wanted to paint this scene for about 10 years before I finally got round to it.

I can see the moon out of the window now and soon I’ll light the candles.


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