2023 in Pisticci… down with the decorations…..

And that took about 2 minutes, not counting climbing up the ladder to get the basket and then up again to put it away.

I posted my last painting of the series on facebook just after midnight. I was awake…….

Flattering self portrait . Best bit I think is my hand .Wearing my favourite sentimental shirt.

I was also awake about 5pm having woken up from a dream where I was desperately hosing down my neck with cold water to kill the flesh eating alien which had already eaten everyone around me. Luckily cold water worked and I survived.

People who spend their nights happily asleep don’t know how lucky they are.

I’m preparing for mural painting so I spent some time ordering more paint. Usually I have a set of primary colours and mix whatever I need , but I bought some warm grey as there will be a lot of stonework to paint. That feels like a luxury. I also bought a dark and a light green.

I thought that I’d draw with watercolour pencils this time, ( I tried them out on my wall.) as it was difficult to cover the pencil drawing the last time. So there are a selection all ready sharpened.

Ready to pack. Plastic egg boxes at the ready.

After no rain for ages it looks like it will rain tomorrow afternoon right about the time I need to walk to the house where I will be painting the mural.

This afternoon I more or less finished yesterday’s local scene.

Might need a few adjustments.

I’m waiting for someone to collect a piece of work tonight.

Or I might have gone to church to hear a friend sing.

It will be strange to be working at this time tomorrow.

But now it’s wine time.


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