2023 in Pisticci….a good evening’s  measuring……

There wasn’t much arty stuff involved in starting the mural tonight. Mostly I measured and then measured some more and drew lines as straight as I could. Stood back and looked and then changed some of them. When I left just before 8pm I was getting a bit muddled with which line was which and all my watercolour pencils were blunt . It was a good time to stop. Despite everything I managed to get the main  objects in the right place. My new longer measuring tape was helpful and the triangley thing was invaluable. 

I had a lovely walk home through the town. I even dropped into the butcher’s and bought more wine.

My favourite view…..or one of them
The streets were shiny and wet…..and a little bit slippy.

When I woke up this morning it was very windy . I looked outside expecting to see rain.

Beautiful sky

But the rain held off until it was time to go mural painting.

So I was able to go to the market where I bought a lovely second hand snowboarding jacket . ( I know it was a snowboarding one as I googled it and found one the same for sale online for about 10 times as much as I paid for it. )

Not so busy at the market

It was great to buy lots of heavy shopping at the supermarket near the market and only carry it a few yards to my house. ( thanks Bert.)

I was all set with my new waterproof jacket and my only pair of waterproof boots when I got a phone call from the mural client offering to collect me. Hurray!!!

Altogether it’s been a very nice day and now I’m sitting comfortably warm in the candle light with a glass of wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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