2023 in Pisticci….up and down a big ladder…..

Well, it was a big ladder compared to the 3 step one I’ve been using. I needed to paint the top of the arch so I just got on and did it. It was good to see how things were fitting in. I’ve been taking photos when I finish and then checking them when I get home to see if the mural is working as a whole.

Today I used a photo and my paintart app to give myself a very rough idea of what I’m doing. It was worth doing ,as I was using the photo as a sketch, so everything was in the right place.

Today I studied wisteria. I think I know how to paint it.

I am quite tired tonight. Mostly I forget that I am older than I feel.

Anyways I took some photos on the way to mural painting. ( But not on the way home as I got a lift.)

I should say that driving in Pisticci’s narrow street is a special skill.

Interesting view of the chiese madre
That big cloud must have passed over as it hasn’t rained.
Gorgeous light.
Back street in Pisticci.

It’s definitely wine time now. And then bed.


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