2023 in Pisticci….more mural……..

Although I’m only working from half past four until nearly eight o’clock I spent a lot of today looking at photos on Pinterest and drawings urns and pillars. I also used a photo from yesterday to redraw the whole scene as it actually is, so that I could confidently draw the trees etc and know they would look okay.

There wasn’t much confidence showing as I drew the top half of the mural and hoped that I would be able to make it work. It looked…..well …not great!

So I decided to paint the balustrade using my new warm grey paint which arrived today.

Waiting for the delivery man
Lots of lovely paint and 3 free brushes.

I needed to remind myself that the pink scribbles on the wall would turn jnto something lovely. ( It wouldn’t hurt if my clients were reassured that I wasn’t just making a horrible mess on their nice white wall. )

It was fun and even though I treated it as a rough version it actually looks pretty good.

I felt much happier after that…..and the pink scribbles look better too.

I enjoyed my walk home. It feels as if I am meeting the evening population of Pisticci.

Hardly ever see this scene without cars.

I had a visitor this afternoon. It was great to have a proper guest. I made sure that the house was warm and even heated up hotdoggio for her. Apart from the gas running out almost immediately she arrived it was a good time. ( Luckily I managed to change the cylinder as if it was no big deal…..phew!!! )

All the Christmas decorations are gone in Pisticci. I just missed getting a photo of a lorry with a giant silver star and a folded up Christmas tree in the back as it went round the corner.

Now I feel very fortunate to be warm, candlelit and enjoying a glass of wine.


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