2023 in Pisticci…up the big ladder again……

This time I was painting sky and some wisteria. I’m pleased with the flowers but the leaves are not good.

I also painted a large expanse of water, half a tree and some bushes. None of them are finished , but I’m working on covering the whole surface and then painting details. The wisteria was supposed to be finished so that I didn’t need the big ladder any more. Will need to practice my leaf painting over the weekend.

Have also decided to paint the foreground at the bottom of the wall to look like the marble floor tiles. I like making fake reality.

I’m having tomorrow off, but will work next Saturday night if I need to. I hope to finish before going to Scotland.

There is supposed to be a strike on 1st February which might include airport staff.

I remembered that I had to go to the farmacia tonight.

I’m really enjoying walking home in the dark.

I painted this in daylight with a red umbrella
It looks a long way to my little house in front of the church ….but it’s not really.
Home to my twinkly lights.

I might have a special portrait to do next week. It will be good to have something else to work on.

For someone who constantly wants to paint something for herself I am surprisingly relieved to work for other people.

Now it’s wine time. Candles lit and blues playing on my laptop.

And it’s the weekend!!


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