2023 in Pisticci….no mural today….

But tomorrow I’ll get back to checking out what I need to do next.

I wasn’t very sure what to do with myself today.

I still haven’t thought of a project.

So I did the washing. That’s always quite fun. My washing machine is in the fireplace hidden behind a board which is painted to look like the bottom of a Welsh dresser. It has been in the past painted to look like a fireplace with a roaring fire, a fireplace with a vase of flowers in it and lastly a fireplace with a nice black stove.

Talking of stoves ……After my relatively big electric bill arrived I’ve more or less decided to give up on my pellet stove this year. It uses electricity with a fan plus other bits and pieces. So far this year its been cheaper using gas anyways. I am assuming pellets will last for several years. Maybe by next winter I’ll have found a stove repair man who knows what needs done.

It’s always nice to go for a walk to the supermarket, especially if I take a new route.

Steps to nowhere
Downhill to supermarket
Towards rione loreto
That pigeon scared me
Liked the shapes in this scene.

I was a bit fed up today even though I wore my new cheaper jacket to see what it felt like.

The €5 one… It felt fine though it wasn’t very cold outside.

I was thinking that in the past I had a lot more options to keep me amused.

However it’s my favourite time of night now.

It’s dark outside. Candle light is very pretty. I’m warm. I have nice wine and I found a film on youtube that I might like.


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