2023 in Pisticci….life indoors…..

There was a beautiful blue sky this morning, even though it was cold.

After being awake at 4am I had fallen asleep again and didn’t wake up until nearly 8am.

There is no point in getting up early in winter, unlike the summer when 5am is a lovely time of morning.

I made ” facon” and eggs for breakfast as it was Sunday. I would have liked to have eaten it while sitting on the doorstep, but not only was it quite chilly outside but it’s now about 15C inside with no heating on and I don’t want to let the colder air in

I miss having the door open . Even if I’m not going anywhere I feel less cut off when it’s open.

I thought that I’d learn better how to paint wisteria leaves, trees and bushes today so spent a lot of time on Pinterest.

In between I watched several YouTube videos by a young couple who bought an old sailing boat for a euro and are restoring it so that they can live in it…and sail it. Strangely , watching that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting time. I am so impressed with the amount of work they’re doing and their general attitude to life.

I finally contacted 2 clients about finished work.

Now I am ready for some more mural research tomorrow.

And it’ll be nice to go out.

Blog writing….
Reference photos to help with mural. I like the water in this one.
There might be some useful flowers in this photo
The trees in the background are similar to those I’d like to paint.

Cheers šŸ·šŸ·

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