2023 in Pisticci….perhaps I have some confidence ……

Oh dear !! My mural is at the stage where it looks a bit underwhelming. It is actually going okay. I’m gradually getting the whole surface covered and it looks like it will work.

I know this…..or I am fairly sure that it will look good when it’s finished.

But, for people who can’t see inside my head and don’t know that I work by painting everything roughly so that I can see it will work together it must be somewhat worrying.

I suppose some artists might begin by painting one thing properly and then working their way across the painting, but I can’t.

So , tonight I was “acting” as if I knew what I was doing and trying to explain in Italian that it will get better, really!!!

Mama mia!! I need a glass of wine tonight.

I probably used up a month’s worth of confidence .

However I have reached the point where I start to add details and am past the worst part…..I think.

I was so uptight that I nearly forgot to take photos on the way home.

The church always looks good
I like this little piazza
Not exactly sure why I took this photo.

I’m a little bit impressed with myself. A few years ago I would have felt under pressure and discouraged , but I very nearly believed in myself tonight.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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