2023 in Pisticci….mostly mural…..

I was looking at a video about painting leaves this morning at about 6am while still in bed.

I think I woke up thinking about the mural.

So today was spent mostly watching videos on YouTube and sometimes writing notes about how to paint trees. I also printed out some photos from Pinterest which I thought might be helpful.

I’m quite enjoying it.

It was very windy outside all day and more plaster has blown off the wall opposite. I absolutely will not pull off the bits that are left hanging. No matter how much I am tempted.

I had a plan for tonight’s muraling. First there was an old archway to paint and then the view through it which I had to invent. The archway was not a problem, but the view through it was very difficult. I ‘m not good at making things up. I just kept going and going until finally it looked respectable. I couldn’t possibly describe the method or how it happened . It just somehow stopped looking like a mess. Luckily no one was watching me as I was close to pulling my hair out…..or at least running my fingers through it and groaning.

However, eventually it looked quite nice. Thank goodness!!!!!

It might have been one of the most difficult parts to do……though tomorrow I need to paint a lot of foreground leaves…..

It’s all very exciting. I’m doing something I’ve never done before and learning quite a lot.

I just missed the procession of San Antonio Abate the saint who looks after animals, on my way home.

I think this was after, but it could have been before……

Tomorrow’s plan is to practice painting lots of leaves and a hydrangea.

But now it’s wine time again.

I’m loving candle light this year.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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