2023 in Pisticci….might go full ” chocolate box”…

I’ve had plenty of time to think today as I’ve mostly sat about keeping warm, only interrupted occasionally by Fluffy jumping up at the window to encourage me to put out some food.

How could I resist that little face……
I didn’t…..

Anyways it occurred to me that I am loving the ” chocolate boxiness” of the mural I’m painting. I love the colours, the scenery, the little winding path….but more than that is the feeling that I’m painting the world as I would like it to be….all colourful and pretty and romantic.

Incase anyone doesn’t know, “chocolate box” is an expression often used by people to describe very pretty colourful scenes such as those with thatched cottages in beautiful gardens full of amazing flowers.

It has been used as a criticism of paintings which are not ” rugged, brutal, nasty or ugly enough. …….I may be slightly exaggerating here.

But I would like to stick up for ” pretty” and “romantic” and ” flowery” and colourful.

There are already too many ugly, nasty, real things in the world. And there are photos of them all.

So maybe I should start my own little attempt at balance by deliberately becoming more ” chocolate boxy”. I’m probably half way there already. Will see…..

When, ( hopefully) I finish the mural I’ll post some photos of it. It is different from anything I’ve painted before.

I think I should be okay to get back to it tomorrow afternoon.

I’m glad it’s wine time now. I think it’s raining again.

About an hour ago when my little lights were twinkling . Bit of a mess on the street with all the plaster that’s been blown off the wall.

Post 1001. Will I become a chocolate box painter…

Cheers 🍷🍷

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