2023 in Pisticci….half a peacock…..

Half a peacock is better than none. After messing about and finishing two statues so that I was happy with them, painting various bushes and flowers, I finally had to start on the peacock. I’ve never painted one before.

However I started and I will finish…..tomorrow. Finishing is more fun than starting.

Peacock tail feathers to paint tomorrow…..wondering if I need to make the whole bird bigger…..

I can now see the end in sight. 2 swans, some climbing flowers and then some bits and pieces to fix. And the peacock!

I still feel like I’m painting my dream world. Though I wouldn’t have peacocks in it…..or swans. ( because I’m scared of birds.)

Today I made a point of relaxing . After waking up at 3am again!!

It was raining when I set off to “mural” so I needed to wear my big boots which are the only shoes I have which are waterproof. I was obliged to walk slowly as they are quite heavy.

Normally I don’t go out if it rains. There are plenty of days when it doesn’t.

And everything went well.

And I got a lift home. Nice.

So now it’s feet up and wine time.

Electric hot water bottle on my lap. Cosy.


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