2023 in Pisticci….yeah cake!!

My neighbours got married . On my way home tonight I saw them , wished them well and now I have cake.

And wine …..and sweets

They also have a big pellet stove which was cheering up their whole house. Maybe I should make more effort to get mine fixed.

Today I mostly practiced painting a peacock’s train. ( I thought it was tail…but apparently it’s called a train.)

This was on a piece of paper
This was on the wall. The colour isn’t right in the photo , but it looks OK.

So tonight I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor trying to paint feathers and wondering if there was a special paintbrush that would make it easier.

However, it’s reasonably done.

Tomorrow I’m painting in the morning and it looks like I’ll be back on Monday evening as well.

Now I’m glad to be home. ( and I have cake tonight ..yumm! )


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