2023 in Pisticci…Good news, grey day…

I actually cheered this morning when I heard that Germany had finally  decided to go ahead and send leopard tanks to Ukraine. It feels like something has changed and maybe there will be an end in sight to this awful war. I know that the Ukrainians need more than is on offer right now, but I’m hoping that they have a cunning plan which they are very sensibly not telling anybody.

Other than that ,it has been a very grey, damp, cold day.

Mostly I spent it preparing for muraling. 

However that didn’t go so well. I think standing and drawing slightly above my head made me feel dizzy and the feeling lasted all evening. I’m fine now that I’m home,  but the 2 statues I painted are not so good and I hadn’t much energy.  I think I can fix them with the aid of a little confidence and less measuring.

Tomorrow will be better.

This afternoon
This morning.
Right now…must be paper recycling day tomorrow.

Now wine and candles are just what I need….and not to wake up at 3am wondering how to fix statues.


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