2023 in Pisticci/Perth…..daffodils…..

There are some little crocuses coming through in the garden. And there were snowdrops in the woods.

And there were daffodils in Tesco’s…..

I was going to buy some pretty flowers for my daughter as we are going to her house soon for wine and snacks.

But I saw the daffodils and couldn’t resist them. They’re such an optimistic flower.

And I was so happy with them that I painted them ( on my tablet)

Am very pleased with this.

Today is fairly sociable. I met another daughter for a coffee and then I’ll see one of my sisters later tonight.

For the last hour I’ve been watching Alan and Amanda’s Italian Adventure. It’s worth watching.

Now I need to go and get ready to go out.

Cheers 🍷🍷

One comment

  1. Anne lovely little drawing, We wish you would somehow get a photo of all your family together!!! Raining like crazy here in Florida, but not cold, sorta wish it was.

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