2023 in Pisticci/Perth……preparing again…..

It’s been a lovely day. I’m happily accepting my extra 3 days in Scotland.

I’m also getting ,maybe, better prepared than normal.

It often happens that my stomach gets more worried about my trip than my head. But when my stomach is causing me problems then it spreads to my head.

It doesn’t happen every time.

This time I have bought , among other things, some valerian pills. I’ve taken 2 to check that they don’t make me feel sick and it seems I am okay. I am hoping to fool my stomach. ( though I’ve also bought pills to deal with that too.)

I think that in general I am relatively okay travelling . My journeys are not always straightforward.

My aim is for travelling to be more exciting than worrying.

Tomorrow I will be getting 1 bus, 2 trains, a tram, an aeroplane,  a taxi, a fast Italian train, and then a lift in someone’s car.

I’ve had more complicated  journeys.

This morning I was busy in town buying supplies , but found time to go into a charity shop and buy a lovely cardigan. It’s always nice to have something new to wear.

Perth hight Street this morning
Will match my jacket.

In the afternoon I’ve packed and watched an episode of ” landscape artist of the year.”

And played with Doug the dog.

His favourite spot where he can sleep or bark at passing dogs.

So , maybe this time tomorrow I’ll be flying over Europe……..


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