2023 in Pisticci/Perth…..booked again…..

I should be making my next attempt to return to Pisticci on Tuesday. Same route as before as nothing else is very convenient.

But I spent some time this morning looking at hotels close to the railway station in Naples….just incase.

This time I’m starting from Perth by train as it is surprisingly cheaper( and more pleasant) than the bus.

So tomorrow I can spend time with Katy and go shopping for the type of nasal spray that’s supposed to kill cold germs in your nose. It’s worth a try as I seem to be surrounded by coughing people.

Today has been very relaxing. Watching a series on TV and laughing out loud. I reckon that’s good for my immune system.

Finding an old black and white Miss Marple film with Margaret Rutherford has been a treat.

Miss Marple

It has felt a little strange today to be here and not back in Pisticci, but it is what it is. ( 3 more days of free heating.😂)

I think it must be wine time now .


A bit of everything weather.

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