2023 in Pisticci….home again…..

I arrived home just before midnight yesterday.

It was good to walk in and find that my little house wasn’t as “bad” as I had imagined it.

It was cold (14C) but it’s been as low as 12C when I’ve been living in it in past years.

And it didn’t look as “scruffy ” as I thought it would either. I had been considering coming home and painting a lot of the walls. However a few touch ups will do .

And when I had lit the candles, turned on the gas heater, got a glass of wine and sat down with hotdoggio on my knee I felt pretty okay.

The trip went well enough yesterday . It’s just a very long day involving a lot of waiting.

I’m tired today, but have caught up on most of the things I needed to do and been shopping.

Church is getting better foundations.
Blue skies and washing
On way to supermarket
View towards the sea.

It was possible to have breakfast on my doorstep and leave the door open.

Hurray! Fluffy is back.

It was lovely to see Fluffy again. She came back in the afternoon too , climbing up the door and peering in the window to tell me she was there.

I’ve started contacting the people who messaged me when I was in Scotland about work.

And now it’s early wine time.


Flowers looking good.

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