2023 in Pisticci….out and about….

Having dealt with the messages I received about work I went off out for coffee to have a good time and hear about more possible murals.

It’s been a lovely sunny day and was best spent outside where its mainly been warmer than in my house.

However I’ve made some small changes such as adding another row of rugs to my patchwork flooring which means less cold tiles and more warm carpet.

Love this angle. Photo taken from the attic.

This afternoon I went out to take a photo of some lovely orange and yellow spring flowers I spotted earlier, but couldn’t photograph as I had a bottle of home made wine in each hand. ( gifts)

But they’d all closed up!

So I walked on downhill and got barked at and followed by several noisy dogs.

Don’t know what is happening here. There were trees and bushes when I left for Scotland.

To get away from the dogs I went further along the road where I get a view of the hill at the end of my street.

That is my special wavy tree on the right.

Now I’m going out again. What a sociable day.

Wine time will be postponed.

Cheers in anticipation. 🍷🍷


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