2023 in Pisticci….feeling good……

I don’t know if anyone else feels like this,  but I am scared to tempt fate. I remember the day I thought that my life was really going well and I was excited about the future.  Two hours later I got a message that James was on his way to hospital in a helicopter.

These 2 things are not necessarily  related, but…..

However it’s been a good day. I uploaded my photobook, after adding capital letters to all the street names. It was good for a first effort and I should be proud of it as there are 60 of  my paintings in it which I spent a lot of 2022 working on. 

I’ve ordered one copy and if I am happy with it then I can make it available  for sale .

Equally exciting was finding a site which does free formatting. So my next project is to edit my book about being in Pisticci  during covid  and finally putting it on Amazon.

I was wondering  what to do with myself  in between murals. 

I’ve been out twice today. First time I bought 5litres of my favourite  wine and second time the light was perfect  for taking photos.  ( maybe I should make a photo book of photos…….)

View towards the sea.
Just perfect arrangement of shapes and colours
Spring. Yellow flowers and blue mountains.
Shadows in the calanche
I painted this , without the trailer.

Just to add to a lovely day a nice couple out on a walk stopped by to give me a piece of cake.

Sort of spicy chocolate cake.

Now it’s wine time again.


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